The local Adelaide salt damp experts
The local Adelaide salt damp experts
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Salt Damp Adelaide

 Salt Damp Adelaide - brick work, repairs and maintenance
Salt Damp Adelaide
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Adelaide Salt Damp Specialists

We've been the Adelaide salt damp specialists for a number of years and in that time completed numerous successful projects. Ranging for large buildings through to small houses and everything in between, we have the experience to deliver. Rest assured that Keynes Masonry Construction can help with all you salt damp needs in an efficient, effective and affordable manner.

Salt damp, also known as rising damp, can occur in brick walls that haven't had an appropriate damp proof course. It's caused by salt water being absorbed then evaporated in the porous mortar between the bricks, the evaporated water leaves a build-up of salt over time that can cause serious damage to your property.

Our team are genuine experts when it comes to both identifying and treating salt damp in manner that's quick, cost effective and will leave your property protected. Call us today to arrange an inspection, or to request a free quote to repair any damage and to protect against future damage.

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Adelaide Salt Damp Services

We provide a complete array of salt damp services within the Adelaide region. All of our services are provided by experienced, qualified and insured professionals that are determined to get you the best outcome.

Identifying Salt Damp

Early identification can save your property from significant harm. Our professional team can quickly and easy identify the early signs of salt damp. Some warning signs include:

  • Flaking paint
  • Warping plaster
  • Peeling wallpaper
  • Moisture stains
  • Salt crystals
  • Rotting skirting or floors
  • Wet walls
  • Crumbling mortar

These warning signs don't automatically equate to a salt damp issue. If you've noticed any issues and are concerned about salt damp, the best course of action is to have an expert review your property. To arrange an inspection please contact us today.

Repairing Salt Damp

Repairing salt damp in a professional and lasting manner is easy and affordable with Keynes Masonry Construction. We're experienced and as such have helped countless people in the same situation, and in doing so we've developed a reputation as the industry leaders for top quality workmanship and cost effective services.

We understand that it's very rare for two properties to be identical which is why we only offer custom designed solutions that we personally put together to get you the best results. The type of brick used in your property, whether your brickwork has been rendered or painted, as well as many other possible factors, all result in a different treatment. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the best treatment each and every time.

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 Salt Damp Adelaide

Salt Damp in Adelaide

Looking for the most trusted salt damp specialists in Adelaide? Call Keynes Masonry Construction for expert service, inspections and treatments all at the most affordable rate available.

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